NetDrive3   Feature Request

Auto connect drives on disconnect or failure (6)
Cache Settings Additions (3)
Automatic Retry for Failed Uploads (4)
[DONE] Bandwidth Limits (10)
Permit cloning/duplicating a drive (1)
Option to hide files/directories starting with a dot (5)
NetDrive - Multilanguage installer & GUI (6)
Office365 Sharepoint Team Sites (10)
Mount to local folder (not drive with letter) (3)
Add Nextcloud as an option instead of just plain "WebDAV" (4)
[WONTFIX] Google Drive - Support 'Computers' (10)
IPv6 support implementation (4)
Encryption for Mounted Drive (18)
Change amount of files uploading (4)
Uploading-Waiting-Failed (3)
Specifying directories read-only (1)
Custom drive icons (2)
ASUS Webstorage compatibility missing?! (4)
Could i have the support for WD MY CLOUD and MEGA? (1)
Cannot change options if drive not accessible (1)
[WONTFIX] Connect to (3)
Can not create a profile without entering a password (7)
Restore network share of local drive on startup (3)
Server with multiple addresses (2)
Map local path to a drive letter (2)
Master Password (3)
[DONE] Support S3-compatible cloud storage - Wasabi (4)
Mimic network path rather than drive letter (1)
Acrobat Creative Cloud Support (1)
[DONE] Connect With (3)