NetDrive3   Feature Request

Auto connect drives on disconnect or failure (6)
Cache Settings Additions (4)
[DONE] Bandwidth Limits (10)
NetDrive - Multilanguage installer & GUI (6)
Change amount of files uploading (4)
Office365 Sharepoint Team Sites (13)
Custom drive icons (2)
Automatic Retry for Failed Uploads (4)
Permit cloning/duplicating a drive (1)
Better cache management (2)
IAM Role instead of Access and Secret Keys (2)
Option to hide files/directories starting with a dot (5)
Add Nextcloud as an option instead of just plain "WebDAV" (4)
Uploading-Waiting-Failed (3)
ASUS Webstorage compatibility missing?! (4)
IPv6 support implementation (4)
Encryption for Mounted Drive (20)
Specifying directories read-only (1)
Mimic network path rather than drive letter (2)
Could i have the support for WD MY CLOUD and MEGA? (1)
Mount to local folder (not drive with letter) (3)
Cannot change options if drive not accessible (1)
I want you to keep developing with Windows startup behavior in the future! (2)
[WONTFIX] Google Drive - Support 'Computers' (10)
WebClient option for NetDrive (1)
Cache Settings per drive option (1)
Additional Cloud Storage providers (3)
Google Team drives Capacity (2)
Some important thing about FTP feature (2)
Smart sync / selective synching (2)