Can't upload and watch on plex


I have netdrive mounted with google drive for my plex server but when a file is uploading from sonarr or radarr i can’t play on plex until upload is complete. This becomes a problem when netdrive is uploading a 30gb+ movie i can’t play anything on plex. is there a setting i can change so netdrive can download and upload at the same time?

I am using windows server 2012 with a 1gb/s up and down connection.



Anyone? if more info is required i can provide. thanks


Can you try ‘Use background uploading’ option? I guess it can fix you problem.


I’m using a similar configuration for my Plex Server (Windows Server 2016) with 20+ TB in the cloud.

What I have found to work best is to let Plex operate using NetDrive configured so that it always retrieves the file list from the server and to use the web interface for each of the respective storage providers to upload media from my workstation.

Netdrive aside, if you’re writing files from your plex server while attempting to play media from the same server, you’re going to have performance hits in the playback. Let your media server be, just that, a media server and use NetDrive, or the web interface, on a separate workstaton to do the upload work.