NetDrive2 find a BUG (我在NetDrive2找到一个BUG)



My English is not good, so I speak Chinese.

这样操作会死机(windows 10):
1.设置 FileZilla Server
user a
dicectories D: Aliases /d
H dicectories D:\ftp

2.使用NetDrive2把user a地址映射成X:

3.再创建一个用户 FileZilla Server
user b
dicectories X: Aliases /x

4.使用NetDrive2把user b地址映射成Z:

访问Z:盘 explorer No response(无响应)
现在结束服务 FileZilla Server失败
stop service FileZilla Server failed
Shutdown failure


Hello you1441

Sorry for the technical support of NetDrive2.


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